The City of O’Fallon’s incentive policy is to assist in attracting and retaining high quality development and businesses that are compatible with the long-range vision of the City and its residents.

The City of O’Fallon may, at its discretion, provide financial or in-kind assistance to new or existing commercial, industrial, or institutional development in  upper east St. Louis. Combining federal, state, and local programs, leaders of O’Fallon are committed to providing cost-saving incentives to financially-strong companies that add value to the community. Incentive packages are company and location-specific and may include property tax abatements, sales tax refunds, tax increment financing (TIF), low-cost financing programs, infrastructure improvements, and utility cost reductions. Consideration is given to firms that:

  • Provide above-average wages and full benefits to their employees
  • Provide significant enhancement to the community
  • Provide additional tax revenue to the community

There are a number of available commercial properties in O’Fallon, ranging in size and location. A comprehensive list of commercial real estate located in and around O’Fallon can be found here.

The Central Park and Green Mount TIFs cover a combined 293 acres and focus on the hospitality, restaurant, retail, automotive and healthcare industries. The Rasp Farm TIF area is comprised of 101 acres designed primarily for medical office development, in part to support the new Memorial Hospital-East in the neighboring Village of Shiloh. Recently, the City created the Route 50/Scott-Troy Road TIF for the development of the Four Points Center and McKendree Metro Rec Plex and the Central City TIF to spur additional redevelopment interest in the Downtown core. The Mid America Enterprise Zone and the area surrounding the new Exit 21 diamond interchange (expected to be completed in 2018) is slated to be the area’s commercial, industrial, distribution, and technology hub.

Please visit our interactive GIS map to determine if your property is inside one of our incentive districts and review the City’s TIF Guidelines to learn more about how we use this important tool.


Approved in 2012, this TIF district is over 145 acres in size and includes 23 developable parcels. The district runs along Interstate 64 and Central Park Drive. Menard’s has since opened a 200,000 square foot store on an 18 acre parcel within the TIF District. Recent construction includes Gander Mountain and Car Max.

  • Includes recently constructed Menard’s home improvement center, the first in the Metro East.
  • Interstate Visibility.
  • Traffic Count: 50,000—70,000 vehicles per day on I-64.
  • Easily accessible from Exit 14 and Exit 16, as well as Frank Scott Parkway and U.S. Highway 50 via Hartman Lane.
  • District focusing on hospitality, restaurants, retail sales, and healthcare.


This TIF district is 148 acres bounded approximately by Green Mount Road, Highway 50 and Interstate 64. The plan was approved in 2011 concurrent with the rezoning of 113 acres of land for the Hospital Sisters Health Systems development for the St. Elizabeth’s medical facility and medical office buildings.

  • Includes the brand new St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and the 5-story class A office space known as The Blade
  • Adjacent to multiple hotels, restaurants, and shops.
  • Located on I-64’s “Medical Mile.”
  • Traffic Count: 50,000—70,000 vehicles per day on I-64.
  • Adjacent to the Regency Conference Center.
  • Easily accessible from Exit 14 and Exit 16, as well as U.S. Highway 50.
  • Parcels available for restaurant, retail, office, and healthcare uses.


Approved in June 2015, the Central City TIF area generally includes the downtown area and the commercial area extending along West State Street, plus the South Lincoln Avenue corridor, from downtown to the commercial area at South Lincoln and East Highway 50.  The Central City Redevelopment Project Area is intended to induce development interest within this area and make  improvements to public infrastructure. Projects that have benefited from this new district thus far include:

  • Fezziwig’s Marketplace
  • Bike Surgeon
  • Redevelopment of historic Old City Hall


Approved in April 2015, the Route 50/Scott-Troy Road TIF is approximately 47 acres located at the northwest corner of US East Highway 50 and Scott-Troy Road. This district was created to support the proposed development known as Four Points Center, which is anchored by the McKendree Metro Rec Plex. This brand new state-of-the-art sports complex is the home of Southern Illinois IceHawks hockey and offers two NHL-sized ice rinks, an aquatic center fit with a 10 lane championship swimming pool, a contemporary fitness area and many other amenities.


The Rasp Farm TIF district is 101 acres and stretches from Lincoln Avenue, east along Interstate 64, and up to the Main Street/Highway 50 intersection. Initially approved in 1995, the original plan was expanded in 2010 to include the Lincoln Corporate Center development and a large public drainage project.

  • Memorial Hospital-East, located directly south of the location, opened a 94-bed, $124 Million facility in 2016.


There are currently 93 enterprise zones in Illinois, the maximum number that may be designated according to Illinois law. All offer the same mix of state incentives designed to encourage companies to locate or expand within a zone. In addition, each zone offers distinctive local incentives to enhance business or neighborhood development efforts. Such local incentives include abatement of property taxes on new improvements, homesteading and shopsteading programs, waiver of business licensing and permit fees, streamlined building code and zoning requirements, and special local financing programs and resources.

State Incentives:

    • Sales Tax Exemption
    • Enterprise Zone Machinery and Equipment Consumables
    • Pollution Control Facilities Sales Tax Exemption
    • Enterprise Zone Utility Tax Exemption
    • Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit
    • Dividend Income Deduction
    • Jobs Tax Credit
    • Interest Deduction
    • Contribution Deduction



The Mid-America Commerce Center concept is envisioned in the Mid-America Enterprise Zone and built around the new I-64 interchange, Exit 21, expected to be completed in 2018. The concept revolves around the idea of expanding O’Fallon’s and the Metro East’s commercial, industrial, distribution, and technology industries.

The Commerce Center is bordered by U.S. Highway 50 to the north, I-64 to the south, Rieder Road to the east, and Scott-Troy Road to the west. It is also within an immediate proximity to Scott Air Force Base and MidAmerica Airport.

State Reporting

Municipalities using TIF are required to file reports annually with the State of Illinois Comptroller.

Copies of the most recent reports are found by clicking here.

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